Electronic Balance

Electronic financial statements, i.e. the electronic transmission of the annual financial statement and the profit and loss statement to the tax office, are obligatory for financial years beginning after December 31, 2011.

In the first financial year, the tax office will not reject financial statements that are not transmitted electronically. Nevertheless, all companies preparing a German annual financial statement are essentially obliged to do so in electronic form. The consolut Electronic Financial Statement package includes all steps required to create such statements in an SAP system.

These are the main steps of the consolut package:

  •  Description of the different options for creating electronic financial statements in SAP and decision-making support
  • Implementation of the solution, with a special view to customizing and maintaining the taxonomy
  • Support for the implementation and maintenance of the electronic financial statement in the system

We are happy to apply our extensive experience to overcoming special challenges associated with electronic financial statements.