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APPEND, result

Short Reference

... ${ ASSIGNING <fs> $[CASTING$]$}
  $| ${ REFERENCE INTO dref $}.


These additions can only be used when appending single lines. If the append was successful, the addition ASSIGNING is used to assign the appended line to a field symbol <fs>; the addition REFERENCE INTO is used to set a reference to the appended line in a reference variable.

The syntax and meaning are the same as when specifying the output behavior in the statement READ TABLE and the same restrictions apply regarding the modification of key fields for primary and secondary table keys. In particular, inline declarations using the declaration operators DATA, FINAL and FIELD-SYMBOL are possible.


See addition INITIAL LINE.


After the DO loop, the data references in stab point to the random numbers up to 50 and those in ltab point to the random numbers greater than 50 that were appended to itab.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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