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COMMUNICATION, cpic_options

Short Reference

... $[RETURNCODE rc$]
    $[LENGTH leng$]
    $[RECEIVED rec$]


1. ... RETURNCODE  rc

2. ... LENGTH leng

3. ... RECEIVED rec

4. ... HOLD


Further additions for the statement COMMUNICATION.

Addition 1



This addition can be specified for any communication steps and receives the return code in rc. rc expects the data type i. The meaning of the return codes is encoded in the include program RSCPICDF. Here, data objects with descriptive names and start values are declared and can be compared with rc. The following table contains a list of possible return values.

rc Data Object from RSCPICDF
0 cm_ok
1 cm_allocate_failure_no_retry
2 cm_allocate_failure_retry
3 cm_conversation_type_mismatch
6 cm_security_not_valid
8 cm_sync_lvl_not_supported_pgm
9 cm_tpn_not_recognized
10 cm_tp_not_available_no_retry
11 cm_tp_not_available_retry
12 cm_deallocated_abend
13 cm_deallocated_normal
14 cm_parameter_error
15 cm_product_specific_error
16 cm_program_error_no_trunc
18 cm_program_error_no_trunc
19 cm_program_error_trunc
26 cm_resource_failure_no_retry
27 cm_resource_failure_retry
28 cm_unsuccessful

The same return codes are also written to the system field sy-subrc.

Addition 2

... LENGTH leng


This addition can only be specified in the communication steps SEND and RECEIVE. As a result, the data buffer buffer is only sent or received in the length leng. The length leng expects a data object of the data type i.

Addition 3

... RECEIVED rec


This addition can only be specified for the communication step RECEIVE. The data object rec contains the number of bytes received by the partner program. Only byte-like data objects of length 4 are allowed for rec.

Addition 4

... HOLD


This addition can only be specified for the communication step RECEIVE. It prevents a change of the internal session when receiving data to avoid the possible loss of the database cursor. In this case, the current work process waits until all data has been received.

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