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CREATE OBJECT, parameter_tables

Short Reference

... $[PARAMETER-TABLE ptab$]
    $[EXCEPTION-TABLE etab$].


The additions PARAMETER-TABLE and EXCEPTION-TABLE are used to pass actual parameters dynamically to the instance constructor or assign return codes to the non-class-based exceptions.

These additions can only be used if the instantiated class is specified dynamically in name. They use special internal tables ptab and etab to assign actual parameters to the input parameters of the instance constructor or return codes to the non-class-based exceptions.

The syntax and semantics are the same as in the dynamic method calls using the statement CALL METHOD. The internal tables ptab and etab in particular must be defined with reference to the tables abap_parmbind_tab and abap_excpbind_tab from the type pool ABAP.


Dynamic creation of a Control Framework (CFW) dialog box and dynamic passing of input parameters to the instance constructor of the global class CL_GUI_DIALOGBOX_CONTAINER. The class is defined explicitly using the addition TYPE.

The following program section dynamically creates an object of a class SOME_CLASS whose instance constructor expects a reference variable of the static type ANY_CLASS. The program has correct syntax, but the object is created only in systems in which the classes also exist.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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