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%cid is a component of BDEF derived types. It is a string to define a content ID. Content IDs are used as a unique and preliminary identifier for RAP BO instances, especially as long as no primary key exists for the particular instance. %cid is used in RAP create operations and then performing further, referencing modifications on them using %cid_ref, for example, RAP operations with CREATE BY, UPDATE and DELETE, as well as actions with EXECUTE, in a single MODIFY request. Furthermore, %cid should be filled because it is relevant for the RAP BO instance identification in the RAP response parameters mapped, failed and reported.

%cid must be unique within one request and specified manually. The specified content ID is only valid within one request. The specification of %cid should be done even if there are no further operations referring to it. Especially in the context of early numbering and late numbering scenarios, %cid must be specified to avoid issues.

In MODIFY statements, the addition AUTO FILL CID can be used to create %cid automatically to ensure that %cid is filled. However, if %cid_ref is to be used, %cid must be specified manually since %cid_ref cannot refer to an automatically created value.

Use of keys and RAP BO instance identifiers in a nutshell


The component has the following type: ABP_BEHV_CID.

  • ACTION RESULT (static action)
  • FUNCTION RESULT (static function)

The component also occurs in the %target component.


Note the difference of using %cid with static actions and factory actions. In factory actions (this also includes static factory actions), the use of %cid is as outlined above. In case of static actions, %cid assumes a different role. Here, %cid must be considered as an operation ID which can be referred to in RAP responses.


The following source code section taken from DEMO_RAP_DERIVED_TYPES_CID demonstrates the component %cid.

The example Using %cid / %cid_ref demonstrates the use of %cid and %cid_ref with a managed RAP BO.

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