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%cid_ref is a component of BDEF derived types. It is used as a reference to a RAP BO instance for which %cid has been specified manually. The value of %cid_ref is the same string as %cid that is referred to. This %cid must exist in the same MODIFY request. Thus, %cid_ref cannot be used to refer to a particular %cid from another request.

When referencing an instance that has been created in the same request, note the following aspects:

  • It is mandatory to provide %cid and then %cid_ref in the referencing operation. Otherwise, the new instance is not found in a referencing operation.
  • %key is ignored in the referencing operation. If %cid_ref is provided in a referencing operation, %key need not be specified.

Use of keys and RAP BO instance identifiers in a nutshell


The component has the following type: ABP_BEHV_CID.

  • ACTION RESULT (instance action)


The following source code section taken from DEMO_RAP_DERIVED_TYPES_CID demonstrates the component %cid_ref that refers to a previously defined content ID %cid.

The example Using %cid / %cid_ref demonstrates the use of %cid and %cid_ref with a managed RAP BO.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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