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%features is a component group in BDEF derived types.

It is used to return feature control information by marking the components. The components of %features are those elements for which feature control is specified in the BDEF. For accessing the components with %features, the syntax can, for example, be as follows: %features-%update, %features-%delete, %features-%action-action_name, or %features-%field-field_name.


The components of the %features structure are typed with ABP_BEHV_FLAG.



The following source code section taken from the BP_DEMO_MANAGED_ROOT_PERM=====CCIMP of the global class of the behavior pool BP_DEMO_MANAGED_ROOT_PERM demonstrates the component %features in the context of a get_instance_features method that returns information on whether certain fields are read-only or can be modified based on certain conditions. Furthermore, information is returned if the creation of instances for an associated entity is enabled or disabled. See the executable program for this example further down.

The example BDEF derived type components in the context of requesting permissions demonstrates the use of various BDEF derived type components including %features with a managed RAP BO.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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