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%other is a component of BDEF derived types. It is used as a component of the reported response parameter.

A derived type with reported contains a table for each entity defined and, in addition, the component %other. This component is filled with an instance of the message wrapper class in case of a RAP static transition message, i. e. the message is not related to a specific entity of the RAP BO.


The component has the following type: TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF REF TO IF_ABAP_BEHV_MESSAGE


See more details on message handling in the Development Guide for the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model, section Messages.


A state message must always be bound to a RAP BO. Hence, it cannot be allocated to the %other component.


The following source code section taken from the BP_DEMO_MANAGED_ROOT_REPORTED=CCIMP of the global class of the behavior pool BP_DEMO_MANAGED_ROOT_REPORTED demonstrates the component %other in the context of a method implementation for a validation that checks field values of RAP BO instances before saving. See the executable program for this example further down. Note that the filling of the %other component in this context is only for demonstration purposes.

The example Example for Message-Related BDEF Derived Type Components demonstrates the use of various BDEF derived type components including %other with a managed RAP BO.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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