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%pky is a component group in BDEF derived types.

It serves as an identifier in a transaction in which a RAP BO instance is created. In non- late numbering scenarios, %pky is equal to %key (and, thus, serves, in principle, also as an identifier for persisted RAP BO instances). In a late numbering scenario, it is equal to the combination of %pid and %key. This identifier does not change between the creation of an instance and the next saving.

Use of keys and RAP BO instance identifiers in a nutshell

  • Wherever %key can be specified within statements during the RAP interaction phase except for RAP create operations, %pky can be specified, too.
  • %pky is basically another option to refer to the keys. In non-late numbering scenarios, %key is, in principal, the same as %pky since %pid is not available. In scenarios without late numbering and without draft, %pky is, in principal, %tky since %is_draft is not available. As outlined in the topic Use of keys and RAP BO instance identifiers in a nutshell, the use of %tky is generally preferable to %pky. However, there are special cases in which %tky is not available and %pky can be used instead, for example, implementations with draft actions or save actions.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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