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%tmp is a component group in BDEF derived types. It contains the preliminary key values and is used in the RAP save sequence within the adjust_numbers method and, thus, only available in late numbering scenarios. It is relevant for the mapped parameter to map preliminary to final key values in %key, especially in case %key is used to contain preliminary keys instead of %pid during the RAP interaction phase.

Use of keys and RAP BO instance identifiers in a nutshell



The following source code section taken from the BP_DEMO_UMANAGED_ROOT_LATE_NU3CCIMP of the global class of the behavior pool BP_DEMO_UMANAGED_ROOT_LATE_NU3 demonstrates the component %tmp in the context of an adjust_numbers method that assigns the final keys. See the executable program for this example further down.

APPEND VALUE #( %pre = VALUE #( %pid = <fs>-pid
                                %tmp-key_field = <fs>-tmp_key )
                %key-key_field = final_key
              ) TO mapped-demo_umanaged_root_late_num3.

The example Using %pre / %tmp demonstrates the use of %tmp with an unmanaged RAP BO in a late numbering scenario.

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