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The addition PRIVILEGED is used for a privileged access to a RAP BO, for example, to circumvent authority checks. The addition can only be used if the RAP BO entity is defined with with privileged mode .... See the details in the CDS BDL documentation for with privileged mode.

The addition is currently possible for the following statements:

  • Short forms

  • Long forms:

  • Dynamic forms:


Using the method get_current_context of class CL_ABAP_BEHV_AUX, you can receive context information. Among others, you can determine if the running handler is running in privileged mode, e. g. as follows:

cl_abap_behv_aux=>get_current_context( IMPORTING privileged = DATA(priv) ).

The example Using the addition PRIVILEGED with an Statement demonstrates the addition PRIVILEGED using an action and a managed RAP BO.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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