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- response_param

... $[FAILED failed_resp$]
    $[MAPPED mapped_resp$]
    $[REPORTED reported_resp$] ...


Used to specify response parameters for statements to get information on the following:

  • Failures, i. e. operations that could not get processed (FAILED failed_resp)
  • Key mapping information (MAPPED mapped_resp)
  • Returned error messages (REPORTED reported_resp)

The specification of the parameters failed_resp, mapped_resp, and reported_resp after the respective keyword depends on the context, i. e. which forms of the statements (dynamic or non-dynamic) are used:

Use of the parameters with nondynamic (i. e. short or long) forms of statements, for example, MODIFY ENTITY or MODIFY ENTITIES.
Use of the parameters with the dynamic forms of the statements, for example MODIFY ENTITIES OPERATIONS or READ ENTITIES OPERATIONS.


  • The parameters can be constructed inline using the declaration operatorsDATA and FINAL.
  • If there is no response returned, for example, an operation is successful, there are no entries in the failed_resp parameter.
  • The reported_resp parameter contains the component %msg. It is of type REF TO if_abap_behv_message (which contains if_t100_dyn_msg). If no custom implementation of this interface is required, the inherited method new_message (or new_message_with_text) can be used as a standard implementation.
  • The specification of a parameter for MAPPED is required for create operations including UUID and in case of early internal numbering. It cannot be specified in external numbering scenarios. In late numbering scenarios, the CONVERT KEY statement can be used. For further information, see the Development Guide for the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model, section Numbering.
  • For MODIFY statements with the addition AUGMENTING, no response parameters can be specified, i. e. the additions FAILED, MAPPED or REPORTED cannot be used.

  • The example ABAP EML - Responses demonstrates response parameters using modify operations to change a simple managed RAP BO.

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