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EXIT, processing_block

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If the statement EXIT is outside a loop, it immediately terminates the current processing block.

After the processing block is exited, the runtime framework behaves in the same way as when the processing block is exited in a regular way, with the exception of the event block LOAD-OF-PROGRAM and the reporting event blocks START-OF-SELECTION and GET. In particular, the output parameters of procedures are passed on to the bound actual parameters.

  • The event block LOAD-OF-PROGRAM cannot be exited using EXIT.
  • After the reporting event blocks START-OF-SELECTION and GET have been terminated using EXIT, the runtime framework does not raise any more reporting events and instead calls the list processor directly to display the basic list.

Only use RETURN to exit procedures


The method main contains two EXIT statements. Whereas the first statement exits the LOOP loop, the second statement exits the entire method. Therefore, the RETURN statement should be used instead of the second EXIT statement.

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