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Handler method definition:

   $[IMPORTING$] ${ REFERENCE(im_par_num) $| im_par_num $}
   FOR CREATE bdef
   $[CHANGING ${ $[failed TYPE data$] $[reported TYPE data$] $[mapped TYPE data$] $}$].


Handler method that is used for the early numbering. It must be defined and implemented in a handler class of an ABAP behavior pool. The method name meth can be chosen freely. bdef is the name or the alias of the BDEF.

Method Parameters

  • im_par_num: Includes RAP BO instances for which early numbering should be executed. It is an internal table of type TYPE TABLE FOR CREATE. The parameter can also be passed by reference (see REFERENCE).

  • The CHANGING parameters failed, reported and mapped are implicitly available. They are used to return information on failures, messages or mapping information. It is possible to specify the parameters with the predefined names failed, reported and mapped explicitly following the ABAP word CHANGING. In this case, the generic type DATA is used. At runtime, the typed parameters implicitly have the BDEF derived type TYPE RESPONSE FOR.

BDEF Requirements

See the required BDEF notations for both variants in the topic CDS BDL - early numbering.


Example for a RAP handler method definition. Find demonstrations of method implementations in the executable examples further down.

METHODS earlynumbering_create FOR NUMBERING
    IMPORTING entities FOR CREATE bdef.

Example for RAP Handler Methods: Demonstrates this RAP handler method within a RAP handler class using a simple unmanaged RAP BO that is draft-enabled.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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