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The addition is used to exclude feature controls and authorization checks. It can be added to the following EML statements:

It can currently only be used for in RAP BO implementations for the particular RAP BO itself, i. e. not for other RAP BOs. That means IN LOCAL MODE can only be used for this RAP BO's implementations classes in the behavior pool or other classes that are called from those implementation classes (for example, legacy code or other reused logic contained elsewhere). The reused logic contained elsewhere cannot be referred to by RAP statically. In that case, a warning is displayed in ADT. Yet, at runtime, there will not be an issue if this logic is called via the implementation classes of this RAP BO. If the reused logic is not called from the implementation classes of this RAP BO or it is called indirectly, a short dump is the consequence. For example, if the logic is called from a report (the implementation class of the RAP BO is not called at all) or if, at runtime, another RAP BO is meanwhile involved.

Example use case: A field to display the booking status of a trip on an SAP Fiori UI is specified as readonly in a BDEF. Hence, it cannot be modified by a user on the UI directly. For example, the status of a trip is set to and displayed as "not booked". A button on the UI triggers an action to book the trip. With clicking the button, the status gets changed and "booked" is displayed. To enable this, the underlying modify operation with the action to be executed in the ABP has the addition IN LOCAL MODE that ignores the feature control.



The following source code section is taken from the BP_DEMO_MANAGED_ROOT_3========CCIMP of a behavior pool (the global class of the behavior pool is BP_DEMO_MANAGED_ROOT_3). It is used in the context of the get_instance_features method of the executable example DEMO_RAP_EML_GET_PERMISSIONS.

READ ENTITIES OF demo_managed_root_3 IN LOCAL MODE
  ENTITY demo_managed_root_3
  FIELDS ( data_field3_root data_field4_root )
  RESULT DATA(lt_numbers)
  FAILED DATA(failed).

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