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$[SELECTION-SCREEN POSITION ${pos$|POS_LOW$|POS_HIGH$} $[ ldb_additions$]$].


The first and last statements define a new line below the existing elements on the selection screen. All the screen elements within these statements that are defined using the statements PARAMETERS SELECT-OPTIONS and SELECTION-SCREEN are placed in this line one after the other without spaces.

Multiple SELECTION-SCREEN POSITION statements can be specified within the definition of a line. The statement SELECTION-SCREEN POSITION can be used to define the output position for the following screen element. The position pos can either be specified directly as a number between 1 and 83 or using POS_LOW or POS_HIGH expressions. The expression POS_LOW specifies the position in which the input field for a parameter or the first input field for a selection criterion is displayed by default. POS_HIGH specifies the position in which the second input field for a selection criterion is displayed by default. If a different position is specified in the statement defining the following element, this is respected. The statement SELECTION-SCREEN POSITION is only possible within the definition of a line. If there are conflicts with existing screen elements, the selection screen cannot be generated.

The additions ldb_additions can only be used in the selection include for a logical database.

The following applies in the definition of a line:

  • Output fields are not created for selection texts for the parameters and selection criteria displayed in these kinds of lines. Instead, these can be created by specifying a SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT.
  • Further lines cannot be defined using SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF LINE.
  • Within a line, only one selection criterion should be defined with SELECT-OPTIONS whose description can be specified in advance using SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT. Other combinations, especially definitions of elements according to the selection criteria, can produce undefined behavior.
  • Backslashes (/) are not allowed in format specifications.
  • The position specification pos can be omitted in formatting specifications.


If a screen element is assigned a position greater than 83 or is positioned outside a block with a frame, the selection screen is not generated. In the case of input and output fields that were positioned beforehand but have a length that extends beyond the end of the line, the visible length is shortened accordingly, and the content is displayed as scrollable in the visible length. In this case, pushbuttons and horizontal lines are cut off at position 83 or where the frame of the block ends.


A pushbutton, an input field, and an output field in a line in the standard selection screen for an executable program.

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