00011 - RSDB4TRM

00011 - RSDB4TRM

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I would suggest to kill every job hard on OS-level that helds some locks on
the QAQQPRF. Then do just a CLRPFM on this table/file.


Volker Gueldenpfennig

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> How can I stop this autoabap job running?
> We (stupidly) ran ST04 to collect data to help us analyse
> missing indexes,
> but, this thing created a QAQQPRF file of over 12Gb.
> When we took the option to stop DB Monitor, it kicked of the
> Trim job, which
> keeps hanging our system (due to the immense size of the file)
> Any help would be most appreciated..
> Regards
> Andi Merchant
> IT Manager - SAP Project
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