00014 - Installing Additional Languages 46C

00014 - Installing Additional Languages 46C

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Installing Additional Languages 46C

Hi Doreen,
I must agree that the documentation for the language install is
confusing. I researched it for a couple of days before we did our install
and found out it is not difficult. You have the order of execution correct.
The transport in the fixes directory on each cd contains the same
transport so I assume the one transport has the fixes for all languages.
You do not have to install German as it comes preinstalled.
The reason you have to redo parts of the support package is that the
new texts in the support package get translated during the application of
the support packages. If the language is not installed when the package is
applied then the texts don't get translated. I cannot help you with that
process as we installed Spanish, French, Dutch, and Portuguese on a new
install of 46C SR1.
There is also a program RSREFILL that needs to be run to pull texts
from client 000 to active clients. We also skipped this step as we had not
done our post install client copy and just copied the 000 to our dev sandbox
client. Besure to upgrade spam at least to level 18 (we are at 20) and TP
and R3TRANS to the latest level as SMLT in 46C now uses the transport system
and spam to load the languages. We also have not yet transported the
language install to other systems in our landscape since we have not
installed them yet!!!
I am working on documentation while we wait for our Accerlerated HR cd, I
finished the 46C SR1 install documentation Friday and will be working on the
language install and PCC documentation today. I will forward it to you when
it is finished. If you ahve any more questions please let me know.

Jack Pim
Technical Consultant
SAP America

>From: "Anderson, Doreen" <DAndersoZb...>
>To: "'SAP AS/400 Discussion Group'" <sap400Zm...>
>Subject: Installing Additional Languages 46C
>Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 13:19:20 -0600
>Has anyone gotten the process of installing additional languages on 46C
>We are adding French & Dutch (& German) to our 46C upgrade environment.
>After reading as much as I can find (guide, help, notes) on language
>transport; this is what I understand
>1. Add your additional language(s) via the language CD by using TR SMLT
>2. If there is a SAPKL46CFX object in the FIXES directory on the language
>CD; you need to unpack & apply this transport
> (it adds pieces which technically couldn't be placed into the "main"
>language transport)
>3. Supplement the Language via TR SMLT - Language - Supplement Language
>(not sure what to do with this???)
>4. Per 195442 - If you have already import support packages into this
>system; prior to the language import; the language piece of the
> support packages needs to be redone. (do not understand this either?)
>Thanks in advance

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