00015 - Installing Additional Languages 46C

00015 - Installing Additional Languages 46C

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Installing Additional Languages 46C

Hello Doreen,
I forgot to mention the supplementation. All that means is you specify
a second language to be displayed in case the text does not have a
translation. If you supplement French with Englinsh then any texts not
translated in French will be displayed in English.

Technical Consultant
SAP America

>From: "Anderson, Doreen" <DAndersoZb...>
>To: "'SAP AS/400 Discussion Group'" <sap400Zm...>
>Subject: Installing Additional Languages 46C
>Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 13:19:20 -0600
>Has anyone gotten the process of installing additional languages on 46C
>We are adding French & Dutch (& German) to our 46C upgrade environment.
>After reading as much as I can find (guide, help, notes) on language
>transport; this is what I understand
>1. Add your additional language(s) via the language CD by using TR SMLT
>2. If there is a SAPKL46CFX object in the FIXES directory on the language
>CD; you need to unpack & apply this transport
> (it adds pieces which technically couldn't be placed into the "main"
>language transport)
>3. Supplement the Language via TR SMLT - Language - Supplement Language
>(not sure what to do with this???)
>4. Per 195442 - If you have already import support packages into this
>system; prior to the language import; the language piece of the
> support packages needs to be redone. (do not understand this either?)
>Thanks in advance

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