00049 - Kernel patches

00049 - Kernel patches

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Kernel patches

Hi Charly,

your TP_VERSION in tpparam has nothing to do with the version of your
The TP_VERSION in tpparam is something for compatibility to write the buffer
in a special downward compatible format. This will always remain in 266 when
you don't change it manually. A change is currently not necessary.
TP_VERSION works only with NBUFFORM and means the following:

tp is always developing new features in a downwards compatible way. That
means that a new tp will always support everything an older tp was able to
do. However sometimes it is necessary, that new features also need to use
new structure or interpret existing structures differently. On the other
hand files (containing these structures) are stored in the transport
directory and are thus accessible by a lot of different R/3 systems using a
lot of different tp versions.

The parameter tp_version offers a possibility to keep older tp's from
working with the files in a specific transport directory. Setting the
parameter to a value different from 0 makes tp's having a version older than
that from working with that transport profile.

Suppose you turn on nbufform which will make tp write buffer lines in a new
format. The new tp will still understand the lines written in the old
format, but older tp's do not know how to interpret these lines in the
buffer file. Thus the new tp will request you to enter at least a certain
value for tp_version. Because this will keep these old tp's from trying to
understand this buffer format. The new tp will consider the transport
profile inconsistent as long as nbufform is turned on and tp_version is not
at least set to 264.



Volker Gueldenpfennig

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Charles Richardson [mailto:cericharZu...]
> Sent: Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2000 13:30
> To: Gueldenpfennig, Volker
> Subject: RE: Kernel patches
> Volker,
> Thansk for the kernel patch information. We successfully upgraded out
> kernel patch level to 308 , thanks in great part to your
> answer. One last
> detail, however. I also upgraded SPAM, TP, and R3TRANS, along
> with other
> patches that were downlevel compared to the versions on
> both SAPnet and SAPSERV4 show a patch level of 307, but after
> the upgrade
> on our systems TP is showing a patch level of only 266 in the tpparams
> file. Is there a problem with the patches on SS4 and Sapnet? Or is our
> patch level really 307, just reporting as 266?
> Cheers,
> Charlie Richardson

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