00056 - Problems with BDCUSER background jobs

00056 - Problems with BDCUSER background jobs

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Problems with BDCUSER background jobs


I assume that you meant 'SM36'? If so, set the type, via SU01 to
'background'. This value prohibits dialog signon for that user, but will
enable it to run batch jobs. Another user ID, of type 'Dialog', will be
required to schedule the job, but each step can still be assigned to

Another question, at least for 4.5B there is not user type called 'system'.
Is this a 4.6x user type?

Mike D. Martin
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Subject: Problems with BDCUSER background jobs

We are having a problem with certain background jobs running. When the
developer submits a backgorund job per SM35, it ends and SM21 has this in
the log:

SM35 EF2 BP_STEPLIST_EDITOR: Invalid step values (step 1 ) found. Reason:
SM35 EFV > User BDCUSER cannot be scheduled due to its type
SM35 EFN BP_JOB_EDITOR: Job L103V1 is invalid. Reason:
SM35 EFT > Step 1 contains illegal values

BDCUSER is type SYSTEM, with all the roles that our developers have. I
found note 27255 (look at the bottom of the note for a chuckle!) and it
talks about background authorizations. Do these need to be added for
BDCUSER? If so, where? I can not add it in SU01 because it says it does
not exist. Does it need to be added to the report that submits the jobs?
This has just started happening. We also just applied lvl. 308 for the 4.6D
kernel and are at HP 11. Any suggestions???


Chris Sugg
SAP Basis Administrator
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