00062 - Upgrading to 46D yes or no???

00062 - Upgrading to 46D yes or no???

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Upgrading to 46D yes or no???


Sorry so long to answer......

I don't remember what release your project is currently at.
It is my understanding that there formally is not a release 46D other than
kernel & GUI.
If you are running 46C; that you would want to be at kernel 46D & definitely GUI

We currently have 46C Dev & QA SIDs built that we are holding the kernel back at
46C-242 until the 46D kernel stabilizes.
The GUI is 46D patch lvl 85, but we need to move the GUI up to the latest patch
level (194 last I looked)

Doreen Anderson
Operations / SAP Basis Manager
Ball Horticultural Company

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Subject: Upgrading to 46D yes or no???

Hello all,
My current client (Louis-Dreyfus) has asked the question about upgrading
to 46D. Since it's a brand new installation why not go ahead and upgrade? I
know 46D is Basis only and I assume the only advantage would be system
performance. I was wondering other peoples thoughts and/or experience
regarding 46D. This is a brand new installation using only FI/CO HR, TR
on AS/400 V4R5 - PRD hardware yet to be determined.

Jack Pim
Technical Consultant
SAP America

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