00066 - REXX procedure O4MAIN not found.

00066 - REXX procedure O4MAIN not found.

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REXX procedure O4MAIN not found.

Here's what I found - hope it helps.


Diane Piccirello
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Just been there! If you look for the command that failed, you'll find that
it is calling a member O4MAIN out of the file QREXEXC, and it's looking for
QREXEXC in your library list. There happens to be a QREXEXC in QGPL or
QUSRSYS or something that doesn't have O4MAIN in it.

Either put your kernel library higher in your list, or rename the O4MAIN in
the IBM library.


>>> "Sugg, Chris" <aacsuggZn...> 08/25 9:18 AM >>>
I am trying to apply the new patches for the 4.6C kernel. When I try to
apply KERNEL_228 to my kernel library, I get the error message 'REXX
procedure O4MAIN not found.' Can anyone offer any suggestions?


-----Original Message-----
From: Joel.CoxZh... [mailto:Joel.CoxZh...]
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2000 12:35
To: sap400Zm...
Subject: REXX procedure O4MAIN not found.

We are in the process of building a 4.6 system and we're having some
with the PREPARE. I recall a few months ago that there was a question about
error message we are receiving. Unfortunately, I can't locate the responses
my saved EMails. Could someone please offer some suggestions to resolve

The prepare issues the message 'Checking status of InfoAPAR file
/tmp/infoapar.450' Press enter to continue and receive error

'REXX procedure O4MAIN not found.'

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Joel Cox
Manager, ERP Technical Services
Hollister Incorporated

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