00072 - Load Balancing Question

00072 - Load Balancing Question

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Load Balancing Question

Hello all,

We currently use load balancing on our 3-tier system. All logons are
directed to our 2 app servers. Currently, it appears that logon requests
are redirected to the IP address specified in the AS/400's host table.

We wish to specify a different IP interface on the app servers for the logon
requests to be routed to. In SMLG, if you select a defined instance, and
select the details screen, there is a 'Front-End Instance Connection'
parameter. Will entering the desired IP address for that instance redirect
client logons to that IP address, instead of the host table resolution?

I know it would seem simple enough just to try it, however our Production
system is our only 3 tier system. Any thoughts on this would be greatly

We are currently on 4.0B, and our GUI's are 4.0B as well.

Thank you,
Adam Marcus

Adam Marcus
BASIS Administrator
Littelfuse, Inc.

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