00078 - Very large temp storage

00078 - Very large temp storage

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Very large temp storage

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Von: Matt Milne [mailto:mattmilneZm...]
Gesendet am: Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2000 15:31
An: SAP on System
Betreff: Re: Very large temp storage
We are at V4r5 but we do not have DSPTMPSTG, where does this command come
from ?

[Schönauer Thomas] This is not an ordinary os/400-cmd. It is in the
SAP-kernel-lib e.g. R340BOPT or R346BOPT.
regards - Thomas.



Hi Saplings,
there is another possibility to determine which job i.e.WorkProcess needs
lot of TempSpace:
The result of DETAIL(*NONE) will be shown as status message, the result of
*FULL is in your joblog.

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