00093 - SQL Commands with SAP

00093 - SQL Commands with SAP

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SQL Commands with SAP

There are one or two update statements you need to run after the homogeneous
system copy but they are easily accomplished with sqlutil (which is free) or
upddta for that matter. Just my two cents but I think you should definitely
have some kind of data utility that 's better than SQLUTIL. I've checked out
a few graphical utilities but for now strsql works quite well. I don't
really know what the cost was but I use it a lot for data inquiry and
occassionally for backing up data ( select to an outfile when you only want
to look at specific fields for specific clients, etc.?). I use it to compare
ptf's from different machines, I use it to find where certain fields are
used, what their ordinal position is, "on the fly" joins, testing abap sql
execs that seem very expensive (and sometimes finding a better way), and
just plain looking at the data. The prompter is ok and if you ever need to
create an SQL collection (using BSI ?) it's nice to have the journal,
receivers, SQL field catalogs, etc. just sort of taken care of). For me it
is much easier (read faster) to find the data I'm looking for with sql than
se16 or sm30 or sm31. Many cautions have been issued on this list in the
past about updating through data utilities and I totally agree in principle.
Every once in a while however, you have to find and fix the same garbage in
logical groups of records. A utility that will help you do both is almost a
necessity as far as I'm concerned.

Good luck,
Rick Githens - R/3 Administration - Giorgio Foods

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Hello to all!
Question: Do you need the SQL utilities (STRSQL or SQLUTIL) for such
things as a homogenous system copy or are there AS/400 SQL commands that
are standard that can be used in place? In other words, is it worth
investing in these utilities when we use them very infrequently?
Any information on the subject will be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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