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00109 - eGroup and sap400Zm... usage

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eGroup and sap400Zm... usage

Hi Lai,

unfortunately this group is no official support feature. It is more that
everything that is posted there goes to many people and they answer very
often very fast. So it's like an internet-group where "everybody" tries to
help "everybody".
Currently there are about 250 people attached to a mailing-list in Linz with
the adress:

and about 70 people attaached to the eGroup. So there is currently a
crossposting from the Linz-List to the eGroup but NOT vice versa because
this woul lead to a loop. As the things are seen from more people over the
Linz-list, it might be useful to send the e-mails always to the Linz-List to
sap400Zm... . Then they become archieved in the eGroup as well and
EVERYBODY can read them and not only the ones that use the eGroup.

When there are really strong problems at SAP then it does make sense to open
an OSS-message and when these are IBM-problems then you should open a PMR at
IBM. You can then perhaps as ADD-on write a mail to sap400Zm... .


Volker Gueldenpfennig

&gt; -----Original Message-----
&gt; From: Lai Yeow Ming (ITD- Ops & Tech Support)
&gt; [mailto:lai.yeowmingZu...]
&gt; Sent: Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2000 10:47
&gt; To: Gueldenpfennig, Volker
&gt; Subject: eGroup postings left without response
&gt; Hi Volker,
&gt; Will the postings in the eGroup be reviewed by anyone if
&gt; there's no reponse
&gt; from others? I have a posting there but there's no response
&gt; for a few days
&gt; already.
&gt; Would appreciate your help if possible.
&gt; Thanks.

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