00146 - Xmas

00146 - Xmas

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Hope everyone has a wonderful christmas and a happy and prosperous new year

Crosby Sinclair
SAP/AS400 System Administrator
Thomson Industries Inc.
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>>> Wiesmayr Rudolf <Rudolf.WiesmayrZm...> 12/22 10:58 AM >>>
Hello SAPlings!

I also wish you a very quiet and peaceful Christmas and/or
Hannukah all around the globe!

And a happy and work free New Year's Eve and a happy new millenium!

May all your systems run smoothly so that your users will love you
and your bosses will cherish you.

And may our community grow and prosper and some time some of us
will meet in person and can match the voices and faces to the
great people they only know as a string of letters...

Kind regards from Austria,
Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Wiesmayr /\ Tel: +43 - 0732 / 7070 - 1720
SAP R/3 BASIS & /\ Fax: +43 - 0732 / 7070 - 54 1720
AS/400 Professional System Administrator (IBM Certified Specialist)
Magistrat Linz, ADV/SB, Gruberstrasse 40-42, A-4041 Linz, Austria
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Time is what keeps everything from happening all at once.

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Just in case....

Merry Christmas folks.

Enjoy the rest of the yr.


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