00193 - Removing SAP from our development box

00193 - Removing SAP from our development box

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Removing SAP from our development box

The intention of having journals in a separate ASP has two purposes. The
first is to improve recoverability in case of a disk failure in your system
ASP or any other failure that meant you wanted to put on the last saved
version . You could then reapply journals to the last save, as you would
not have lost the journals in the failure. I think this scenario is
unlikely these days, with RAID 5 and so on, but still a worthwhile thing to

The second reason is to improve performance by having a dedicated area
for Journals - you are correct in assuming the journal ASP should be
mirrored. As a side note, I think a journalling ASP would only improve
performance if there was ONE SAP system writing to it (production).

However, these recommendations are primarily for a production system. I
cannot see the utility of doing this on a development system. I would
leave the journals where they are.

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To: SAP on System
Subject: Removing SAP from our development box

Hi all,

I'm brand new to SAP and encountered our first problems during the
installation process of our development environment (besides IDES
this is the first environment on our development machine). One is
that the consultant which installed our development environment has
installed this environment with journalling in the same ASP as the
other data libraries. However it is recommended to me to install the
journalling files into a seperate ASP. The procedure to move journals
from one ASP towards another is very time consuming and since all
journals have to be aplied manually again afterwards I believe it is
better to remove the current installed libraries from our system and
start the installation procedure again.
* Is this correct ? Can I remove all R3DEV* libraries from our system
using the dltlib command ? Are there other objects that should be
removed ?
* Since all journals are installed into a seperate ASP shouldn't we
mirror these objects ? Any suggestions how ??

Many thanks for your cooperations.


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