00225 - BRMS save

00225 - BRMS save

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BRMS save

Strange that IBM says you can only restore an entire library. We restore
individual objects from saved libraries all the time?
However we use BRMS and a 3494 data cabinet to perform all saves on our
production systems. The IBM manual 'Backup, Recovery, and Media Services for
AS/400 - SC41-5345-01' contains good information on the setup. A RedBook is also
available 'A Practical Approach to Managing Backup Recovery and Media Services
for OS/400 - SG24-4840-00'

We have to luxury of having sufficient down time to perform a full save of the
entire system every night and therefore our BRMS setup is simple. We have a
media policy which defines the retention period and a backup policies that
includes the following backup items: *SAVSYS, *IBM, *ALLUSR, *ALLDLO, *LINK.
These are special backup groups provided by BRMS and also provided in the base
backup groups *BKUGRP and *SYSGRP.

Hope this helps

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I have setup my backup for our SAP but the other day I was trying to resotre a
file from the backup but was unable to do so. I called IBM (so helpful ha) but
they told me that I would have to restore the entire lib. just to restore an
object from that lib. My question you guys is there a specific way of setting
up BRMS to do the save? If so can I get notes or advise on how to setup the BRMS
correctly. Thanks again guys.

Crosby Sinclair
SAP/AS400 System Administrator
Thomson Industries Inc.
E-mail csinclairZt...
Phone (516) 944-1337
Fax (516) 883-8012

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