00270 - Problems with transports

00270 - Problems with transports

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Problems with transports

Hi Fernando,
Review OSS Note 71353 with respect to the last entries that you see in
your slog. This should help identify a resolution. Also insure that you
are running the latest version of the TP program.


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From: Ubiria, Fernando [mailto:fubiriaZg...]
Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 10:49 AM
To: Manfred Grube; Foro SAP AS/400
Subject: RE: Problems with transports

Hi Manfred,
I have had a look at the file but I see no error.


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De: Manfred Grube [mailto:mgrubeZm...]
Enviado el: miércoles, 10 de enero de 2001 16:13
Para: Ubiria, Fernando; SAP400 Discussion Group (E-mail)
Asunto: Re: Problems with transports

Dear Fernando,

have a look at file /usr/sap/trans/log/slog0102.<SID> with transaction al11
in DIR_TRANS. Here are detailed information about transport problems. 0102
is for yyww, SID your System id.
You can find it quickly by sort list by date/time in menu.

Best regards

Manfred Grube

"Ubiria, Fernando" schrieb:

Hi allWe have SAP R/3 4.0B with Kernel Patch level 749. We were performing
transports with no problem until yesterday. We created 2 transport requests
from our develpoment system to out productive system to create a lot of
indexes (1 request for our tables and the other for standard tables) and
they went fine. We don't know if that is the reason but since then we can't
transport anything (the "import" phase goes fine, but the "check versions"
phase and the "ABAP/scrn. generation" phase don't start).We have stopped
both instances and deleted the SQL Packages (just wondering) but the
situation is still the same.Any clue?Thanks,Fernando UbiriaGSB Grupo
Siderúrgico Vasco, S.A.PS.We transported both requests to our test system
and we have no problem transporting from DEV to TST

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