00307 - to LPAR or not to LPAR???

00307 - to LPAR or not to LPAR???

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to LPAR or not to LPAR???

you are right it does insulate one box/system from another in
performance levels

At 06:37 PM 01/11/2001 -0600, Anderson, Doreen wrote:

>We are still running DEV & QAS on a single "non" LPAR box.
>Maybe some shops are required to delivery a particular performance level &
>the only way to garantee is via LPAR.
>Like taking a 4-way & giving DEV 1 processor & QAS the other 3?
>Doreen Anderson
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>Subject: to LPAR or not to LPAR???
>Hello All,
> I have a question as to everyone's opinion on the configuration of a
>DEV/QAS box. I see customers buying a DEV/QAS boxes then using LPAR's to
>split it up. Why not just install two system like we did before LPARs???
>Memory and processors are sitting there unused when the other system is
>busy??? Curios to know other peoples thoughts??
>Jack Pim
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>SAP America
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