00332 - SAP Compatibility with AMD K6

00332 - SAP Compatibility with AMD K6

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SAP Compatibility with AMD K6

Hello Diane,
Although I have not run SAP on an AMD machine I have built and used many
AMD powered PC's. I hear a lot of resistance to AMD processors in the
business world. This is because of issues back in the 386 days when there
were compatiblity issues with non Intel processors but that is not the case
with the new generation of AMD processors. The AMD K6's, Athlon and Duron
processors have no compatibilty issues that I have heard. You could even
say AMD is more compatable than Intel as Intel has had problems of late with
several motherboard recalls, the recall of the Pentium 3 1.13GHZ and now a
bug with dvd playback on certain P4 systems. If you haven't heard the new
Intel p4 is not showing well performance wise versus the 1.2GHZ Athlon or
the 1GHZ Intel P3. FYI

Jack Pim
Technical Consultant
Sap America

>From: Diane Piccirello <dpiccirelloZt...>
>To: "SAP400 Discussion Group (E-mail 2)" <sap400Zm...>
>Subject: SAP Compatibility with AMD K6
>Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 14:03:35 -0500
>Hi all,
>Does anyone know if SAP is compatible with AMD K6's? Note number 26417
>references Pentium's and Mac's and we're trying to avoid purchasing new
>Diane Piccirello
>Twin Laboratories, Inc.
>150 Motor Parkway, Suite 210
>Hauppauge, NY 11788
>Phone: 631.467.3140, Ext. 8321
>Fax: 631.630.3588
>Email: dpiccirelloZt...

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