00340 - PTFs in error - some more input

00340 - PTFs in error - some more input

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PTFs in error - some more input

For what it's worth, we have all the PTF's you mention Temporarily applied
with the exception of SF63883 which was Superseded by SF64463 which fixes a
ton of query related issues (both performance and accuracy). Perhaps, it
would be worth investigating.
Good luck,

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Hello Volker,

thanks alot for your suggestion - it did help us to identify two
workprocesses (both calling the same z-pgm), which were eating up to 60 GB
of workspace. After killing those wp's, the storage utilization went back to
No idea so far, why this program is causing such trouble. Surely, it was
always a long runner in the past, but never grabbed so much storage. So I
still suspect one of the PTFs having something to do with it in connection
with this certain program. I will keep investigating.

Thanks again, as well as to all the others who responded. I really
appreciated your support.

Franz Lehnardt
AS/400 Systemadministration
EGG IT-Services GmbH
Eschborn, Germany

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