00341 - 4.6C DIA Instance Installation Gotchas?

00341 - 4.6C DIA Instance Installation Gotchas?

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4.6C DIA Instance Installation Gotchas?

Hello Doreen,
As of 4.6 we no longer use .sapconf. There is now a configuration directory
under sapmnt/trans.

Question: Does TST21 exist on the central instance server? Also, was TST
setup in TMS? Any other messages in the joblog?


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Subject: 4.6C DIA Instance Installation Gotchas?

During a 4.6C DIA instance installation on an app server, R3SETUP is
abending with
"SAP0273 No Central Instance Found for <SID>"

I'm Installing DIA instance=21 for SID=TST
DB Instance for TST=20

The DB Instance TST_20 has been up & running for months (it was built from
an upgrade of 3.1H to 4.6C)
One thing that is puzzling me, is whether we might have .sapconf issues
since the DB came from 3.1H originally
& at that time the "Central Instance" & "DB Instance" was synonomous.
Now, with 4.6C, the Central Instance can be a standalone install aside from
the DB Instance. Do I need to "mock up" something?

I've checked the items listed below......
TST21 usrprf exists on the DB box & it's password matches the TST20 password
Each of the two boxes can see each other MKDIR ......QFileSvr.400
QXDAEDRSQL job is running on the DB

Any ideas?

Thank you

Doreen Anderson
Operations / SAP Basis Manager
Ball Horticultural Company

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