00343 - Homogeneous System Copy / different "to" client

00343 - Homogeneous System Copy / different "to" client

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Homogeneous System Copy / different "to" client

I would love to be able to do what I think a remote client copy should be
(replace my sandbox with production and change the client number). We were
told by our basis people that it "just didn't work right" with 4.0B on an
AS/400 and that the save/restore scenario was the best bet. That was 18
months (countless kernels,PTFs,LCPs) ago so things have probably improved.
However I have a very small window in which I can "lock" production down
(and get a synchronized database). I have been known to beg before and might
be able to get a bigger window if I could give them (and my wife and
children) some kind of reasonable time estimate. Does anyone know of a way
to estimate runtime of a remote client copy? In our case, the "from" PRD box
is an 8-way 730 at V4R4 and the "to" DEV box is a 2-way 720. The client I'd
like to copy is app. 40gig.


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Dear Rick,

Have you considered a remote client copy?
It copies one client on one system (say your PRD) to another client on
another system (say your QAS) using RFC communication which must first be
defined in SM59.
Then using SCC9 you can check if your systems are compatible for remote
client copy operations (otherwise get your transports in sync)
Finaly yust copy one client to another (also in SCC9)

This doesn't require any DASD space for any (potentialy very large) client
exports. It just takes a lot of time (6 hours in my case)

Kind regards,
Paul Hoogendoorn.

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