00351 - ASP full and what's next?

00351 - ASP full and what's next?

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ASP full and what's next?

Hi group,

alarmed by yesterday's fast growing % used of System ASP, I wondered what
would happen if the limit is reached - where the value of the limit is in
question. Some poeple say their system is even at 98 -99% running , IBMs
documents declare 90% as the red line and my IBM technician told me 95%.

However, this morning I tried to find information, what happens if ASP is
100% full and what to do then. But I failed. I've searched the softcopy lib
and even IBMs service website. There I was directed to SC42-1938
(Systemstart and Troubleshooting), but this document was unfindable.

I believe, that some of you can tell me more then '' can
Thanks in advance

Franz Lehnardt
AS/400 Systemadministration
EGG IT-Services GmbH
Eschborn, Germany

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