00353 - ASP full and what's next?

00353 - ASP full and what's next?

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ASP full and what's next?

The procedure listed is totally correct...

AND.. there is also a very good chance that you will not recover as
there is a strong possibility the system will delete some objects in an
effort to make sufficient space available to be able to at least IPL.
.... and you have no control over what objects (if any) are deleted..

There are all sorts of objects that are created on a system under full load,
work files, temp files, system files and then there is your database.

So.. the 'magic' number is not specific as such, it just depends on what
is happening when you reach the 97% to 100% status. I have seen a system
'die' at 96% (which suprised me at the time) and yet have seen another
system recover from a 99% level.

Hint: Don't EVER EVER EVER allow your System ASP to get this high...
You just don't need the stress level in your life.


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> When your system ASP goes to 100.0% the system will stop,
> make a main storage dump and IPL to DST.
> If this happens with the console not powered on,
> you will see an SRC saying "console not found".
> After having written the MSD to DASD, the abnormal IPL will
> proceed.
> Rudi

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