00358 - To ASP or not to ASP

00358 - To ASP or not to ASP

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To ASP or not to ASP

Hello Shanti,

there is no direct performance advantage when you use 2 ASPs. Only because
of the recommendation of using mirroring for the ASP 2 there is a slight
advantage as mirroring is for update faster then RAID5. As in
journal-receivers nearly only writes and only a few reads are made, this may
be useful.
When you do have some system-trouble that you lose one ASP (even when you
use RAID5) you will be in better luck wirth 2 ASPs because either you miss
the ASP2 with the recievers. This is just not interesting. When you'd lose
ASP1 you'd have to reestore the complete database and you could apply all
receivers from ASP2. So you wouldn't lose any data with this scenario. When
you only use one ASP and this is lost, you lose all data after the last
backup of the last receiver.


Volker Gueldenpfennig

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