00375 - PC Configuration for SAP

00375 - PC Configuration for SAP

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PC Configuration for SAP

Chris: we found a major difference in memory used between the "classic"
version of SAPGUI and the "puddle" or "frog" version. With our standard
hardware configuration using the "puddle" version, we could only open 2 or
three sessions. After switching back to the "classic" version, we were
about where we were on 3.1H SAPGUI: 6 or 8 sessions, along with RUMBA,
WORD, etc. We've found no loss of functionality.

Jim Doll, Perrigo BASIS

>>> "Sugg, Chris" <aacsuggZN...> 01/16 9:27 AM >>>
I am researching hardware/software configurations for SAP. I have looked at
the OSS note referencing this but I would like to know how things are in the
real world since my system is set up like the note for 4.6C but I still run
out of memory with only 3 windows open.

If anyone has the time, could you please send me your configuration setup
(hardware, software, RAM etc..) for you PC? Also, if you have a standard
config. for end users, that would also be helpful.


Chris Sugg
SAP Basis Administrator
NACCO Materials Handling Group
1400 Sullivan Drive
Greenville, NC 27834-2011
Phone: (252) 695-1912
Fax #: (252) 931-0934

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