00378 - TemSe problems with job logs - update

00378 - TemSe problems with job logs - update

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TemSe problems with job logs - update

After a system bounce we are back in business.

Error code 3029 appeared in the system log right after the system
came up this morning. Per note 214369, this indicates a lock on the
log files in /usr/sap/<sid>/global by a backup process. Since the
backup was long over by then, I'm not sure if that was really the

After struggling with it for an hour, we decided a 10 minute bounce
was in order. It fixed the problem whatever it was.

Thanks Mike for the info and tip on consistency checks. We may still
need it, if this is persistent.


--- In SAP on System, "Betsy Strebe" <bstrebeZs...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> This morning we are having a lot of fun with TemSe issues. After
the PRD system
> came up this morning, none of the background jobs after that time
> complete. All canceled out, and the job log can not be displayed
due to TemSe
> errors. We did a consistency check in SP12 and SPAD. The
consistency check in
> SP12 listed errors, which we deleted. But the TemSe errors just
keep coming up.
> The background job to cleanup spools and TemSe does run everynight,
but it also
> crashed this morning. Any ideas?
> thanks,
> Betsy

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