00386 - Update to program source fails

00386 - Update to program source fails

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Update to program source fails


See note 24824 which describes your situation. First, try to generate the
program via SE38. IF this fails, then the program loads are inconsistent.
You simply delete the compiled versions from D010LINF, D010L, D010Q, and
D010Y where PROG = <programname>.

Then, regenerate the program via SE38. We went through several iterations
of this (I believe immediately following our upgrade to V4R3 and to 4.5B.

Good luck,
Mike D. Martin
SAP Basis Administrator
SOLA Optical, USA
707-763-9911 x6106

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From: Bill Shane [mailto:b_shane2001Zy...]
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 9:59 AM
To: SAP BASIS Mailing list
Subject: Update to program source fails

Hi all,

I upgraded our test machine to V4R5 last weekend.

We are now having a problem when any ABAP program is
edited and then updated.

The fail with an DB error -404 at UPD access to table
D010SINF in the log.

The dump says SQL error "-404" occurred when accessing
program "ZCO4BDC2" part "SRC ".

When I search OSS for the error that shows on the
first ST22 screen, DBIF_REPO_SQL_ERROR, the only thing
note it finds mentions a deadlock situation on report

The status of all the DISP steps at the database level
is SEMW which is: The initial thread of the job is
waiting for a semaphore.

I have never seen this status before.

We are at 31H with a 31I Kernel level 535.

Has anyone come across this?

I am going to go now and get the latest Kernel update
as I saw a note that mentioned locking and a higher
patch level.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bill Shane

AS/400 Technical specialist
SAP Basis Administrator

Technicolor Canada

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