00387 - Batch jobs won't start - New problem?

00387 - Batch jobs won't start - New problem?

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Batch jobs won't start - New problem?


I have a batch job that has been scheduled to start the past two mornings.
It remains in 'Released' status. If I check status, everything is OK. If I
check the app. server that this job runs on, all other jobs on that server
processed normally, even during the same time period (not OP mode). In
addition, there were many BTC work processes available (not reserved for
class A) as there has been since.

Yesterday, I copied the job and resubmitted it to run last night which also
didn't work. The user ID that it was schedule with is fine and the user ID
belonging to each step is fine (both of these users are used to schedule all
of our jobs).

The only difference I see with this program is that it is a one-time job
(not periodic) and was scheduled a few months back. However, we
pre-scheduled these monthly jobs at the beginning of our fiscal year (April)
for the entire year. December's job ran fine.

Any ideas?

Mike D. Martin
SAP Basis Administrator
SOLA Optical, USA
707-763-9911 x6106

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