00390 - Update to program source fails

00390 - Update to program source fails

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Update to program source fails

Hi Bill,

SQL0404 (from message file QSYS/QSQLMSG):
Message . . . . : Value for column or variable &1 too long.

Cause . . . . . : An INSERT or UPDATE statement or a SET or VALUES INTO

statement specifies a value that is longer than the maximum length string

that can be stored in &1. The length of &1 is &2 and the length of the

string is &3.

Recovery . . . : Reduce the length of the string from &3 to a maximum of
and try the request again.

The trick will be finding the message (maybe in the history log??) with &1,
&2, and &3 having values. It may be as easy as regenerating a program which
uses a table that was modified subsequently. Then again, it might not.

As for SEMW - all my DISP's are usually in this state or RUN. If you F5
(refresh) on wrkactjob sbs(r3_<ins#>) and then F8 (refresh) on the SM50
screen you can see where the RUN's on the 400 and Program, Client, User
columns in SM50 match up.

As a rule, I like staying as current as possible with kernel patches (NOT so
with LCP/HOTs). It never hurts to create a quickie save file and savlib
r340bopt first though.

Good luck,
Rick Githens
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From: Bill Shane [mailto:b_shane2001Zy...]
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 12:59 PM
To: SAP BASIS Mailing list
Subject: Update to program source fails

Hi all,

I upgraded our test machine to V4R5 last weekend.

We are now having a problem when any ABAP program is
edited and then updated.

The fail with an DB error -404 at UPD access to table
D010SINF in the log.

The dump says SQL error "-404" occurred when accessing
program "ZCO4BDC2" part "SRC ".

When I search OSS for the error that shows on the
first ST22 screen, DBIF_REPO_SQL_ERROR, the only thing
note it finds mentions a deadlock situation on report

The status of all the DISP steps at the database level
is SEMW which is: The initial thread of the job is
waiting for a semaphore.

I have never seen this status before.

We are at 31H with a 31I Kernel level 535.

Has anyone come across this?

I am going to go now and get the latest Kernel update
as I saw a note that mentioned locking and a higher
patch level.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bill Shane

AS/400 Technical specialist
SAP Basis Administrator

Technicolor Canada

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