00399 - How to update R3TRANS

00399 - How to update R3TRANS

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How to update R3TRANS

Hi Robert,
we do it the following way because we don't have direct access to sapservx.

- create a lib R3PATCHES on AS/400 (only once, OWNER = R3OWNER)
- get the appropriate file from sapservx by ftp (BIN!)
- signon to your AS/400 as <SID>OFR
- ftp to the system where you downloaded the file from sapservx
cd <download path>
lcd r3patches
na 1 (you need this for specifying extensions)
get <file> <file>.savf (without .savf you would get an normal PF which
would be
- if successfully applied: DLTF R3PATCHES/<FILE>

This works for any patch which has to be applied to the kernel.

Hope that's what you're looking for.


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Thema: How to update R3TRANS

Hello, gang:

I asked this question in October 2000 but didn't get the response that I
anticipated. Things got hairy around the holidays and now it is back in my

I need some help updating our version of R3TRANS. I know how to find the
latest version on SAPSERV (/general/R3server/patches/rel40B/OS400/V4R1M0);
however, I have no instructions on how to update it. I cannot use the
APYABFIX command because our SAPSERV connection is on our production box.

Usually for kernel upgrades, I just perform a 'get' to retrieve the files
and then go from there. In this case, though, I can find no instructions
on which directory the file needs to be in before I start or even how to do
it. I, of course, I want to update our DEV and QAS systems prior to
updating PRD but do they all need to be updated at the same time?

I would appreciate it if someone who has a process document for updates of
this nature would share it.

We are on V4R4, SAP version 4.0B.


Robert Clay
Database/Systems Administrator
Kerr Drug
2522 South Tri-Center Blvd.
Durham, North Carolina 27713
Telephone: 919-544-3896 Fax: 919-544-3796


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