00402 - COGNOS Tools and SAP

00402 - COGNOS Tools and SAP

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COGNOS Tools and SAP


We are exploring implementing COGNOS tools (COGNOS Finance, Powerplay etc)
within our company. COGNOS are promoting the use of a piece of COGNOS
supplied software that acts as a SAP Gateway. Do any of you have any
experience (good or bad) specifically with the COGNOS gateway software, or
any of the COGNOS tools.

Any comments would be appreciated.
If you have any problems/queries do not hesitate to give me a call.


John Carter
(Rhodia Chirex SAP Manager)
Tel:- 01461 207346 (Direct)
01461 203661 (Extension 2346)
Fax:- 01461 207375
E-mail:- John.carterZc...

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