00407 - PTFs in error?

00407 - PTFs in error?

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PTFs in error?

We have what I believe are similar problems. We too are at V4R4 (4.5B). We
still use Opticonnect. Almost daily, our temporary storage grows out of
control (about 30-40GB). Equally important, our tools for reporting such
information seem to be in error. Yesterday seems to be a good example:

Our system reached 93+% and was approaching 100% rapidly. I checked
the SAP systems (SM50) and found what I believed was the culprit: an ABAP
Query on table BSEG (probably ran with incorrect selection parameters). I
checked the trace file to find the associated APIxxxxxx job. I then checked
the DB server, for that job, and it reported only 8096 was being used in
temporary storage. When I ended that job (after ending the associated WP
job on our app. server), we regained approximately 18GB of storage.

So, this job was the culprit. However, OS/400 wasn't reporting it's temp.
storage usage correctly. I was unable to run DSPTMPSTG on either the DB
server or the app. server, but I was told from our AS/400 guy that this also
reports incorrectly. I assume we will experiencing this again today (if
not, then tomorrow) and I will retry the DSPTMPSTG command.

Mike D. Martin
SAP Basis Administrator
SOLA Optical, USA
707-763-9911 x6106

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Hi Wendy,

are you talking about jobs that start with QSOCxxxx or are you talking of
jobs that start with APIAxxxxx ?
It is not known that some QSOC-Jobs consume that much memory.But the
APIA-Jobs may consume a lot of memory as these are the shadow-jobs of the
WPs. They are opening up to 1200 ODPs with up to 300 KB each. So this may
become a lot of storage. Do you see with DSPTMPSTG that the storage is
spreaded over the WPs or ist 95% in one WP ? Then this could have looped
When you kill these APIA-Jobs, this will result WP-restarts on the

Just for your information, it would be possible change the
opticonnect-setting to TCP/IP. Then the shadow-processes are named QXDARCVR.
This can be done on V4R4 and higher with opticonnect as well. When you
install 8xx hardware you probably move to gigabit ethernet because
opticonnect is no longer supported on the new hardware (only on special
compatibility towers). Then TCP/IP becomes used anyway.
TCP/IP over opticonnect (or gigabit ethernet) are a big improvement for the
QFileSvr.400 because this uses only TCP/IP and not the SNA that was
supported only in the past via opticonnect.


Volker Gueldenpfennig

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