00429 - PTFs in error?

00429 - PTFs in error?

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PTFs in error?


as long you don't approach the 95% red line of storage utilization, why do
you cancel those jobs.

We are running 3.1H on OS/400 4.4.
Normally the amount of unprotected temp storage is about 20-40 GB.
On our machine we have a Z-program, which runs a couple of times over the
day. Depending of its selection parameters, it may finnish within a few
minutes and an appropriate amount of temp storage used, then again it runs
for hours and hours, claiming up to 60 or 70 GB of temp storage.

"Best result" so far was 130 GB of storage used (where the System ASP was
used to 85%) . As long as the storage limit isn't about to be reached, we
leave the jobs running. When they finnished, the temp storage is released.

So it is seems to be normal, that jobs get temp storage and release it at
the end, even if the amount of used storage is very high. I think, if you
have excessive use of storage, it could be more a problem of applications
and not of the system. Thus I don't believe that there's a PTF for it.

Franz Lehnardt
AS/400 Systemadministration
EGG IT-Services GmbH
Eschborn, Germany

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We have recently upgraded to os400 4.4, We have 2 application
servers and a
database server connected using opticonnect. We are now filling up
our system
every day, this is about 20 gig of temp storage. By using the
I notice that most of the temporary storage is in the QSOC jobs we
can end these
jobs and get the storage back but has anyone any expirence of this
and do you
know if there are any PTF's to fix it. We are running 4.0b of SAP.

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