00437 - Transports going to 'sleep'

00437 - Transports going to 'sleep'

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Transports going to 'sleep'


We experienced the same problem. We are at 4.6C release level. Once we
downloaded the latest kernel patch (368), and R3TRANS patch, our problem
wnet away.

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Subject: Transports going to 'sleep'

Within the last couple of weeks, I've seen some transports seeming go to
sleep. They do complete, but in a very long run time. One transport ran
overnight for almost 12 hours to complete. I started monitoring, then as
you can guess, they seem to run normal. Now this morning the problem has
resurfaced, with one that has been running for about 6 hours.

Here is the program stack of the transport job. Notice the 'sleep'
procedure that has been called. Does anyone know why or what makes this

main R3PRDOPT 0000000005
< ormer_main R3PRDOPT 0000000680
tp_batch R3PRDOPT 0000000063
< p_getprots R3PRDOPT 0000000103
sleep QSYS 0000000691
< ssigwait_t QSYS 0000000275

Jerry Cummins
The York Group, Inc.

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