00439 - introduction to the group

00439 - introduction to the group

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introduction to the group

IBM offers a class called "Intro to SAP R3 for AS/400 Specialists" (or a
similar name). They also have a class called "Intro AS/400 for SAP R/3
Consultants." I think you can find out about it at the IBM SAP web site.

You can find the course descriptions at:


Claudia Pillich
Basis Consultant
Intelligent Technology, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, USA

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> Hi all,
> I'm Marc Van de Velde and work as ICT-manager at Desco.
> Desco NV. is a wholesale/retail company, located in Belgium and supplying
> plumbing material to plumbers. End of last year we have decided to buy SAP
> as renewal for our legacy systems. We have also decided to implement SAP
> the AS/400 platform since our legacy system is implemented on the same
> environment; we have experience with this environment and we believe it is
> the most reliable platform around.
> December last year we have started to load the IDES environment on our
> development environment which is completed by now.
> Beginning of January we started with the installation of our
> DEV-environment on our development machine. This installation is quite
> consuming since our consultant has a lot of SAP installation knowledge
> unfortunately he has no knowledge of the AS/400. We try to help him out on
> this area and by now we have learned that installing SAP on the AS/400
> requires a lot of PTF's and CUMPKG's. We believe we have downloaded the
> last set of PTF's this weekend and now we're busy with setting-up
> languages and installing the first clients.
> During this 1 month of experience I'm convinced of the fact that we should
> learn SAP-AS/400 administration in-depth and as soon as possible.
> Contacting SAP I find out that there is no such course in Belgium in 2001
> and a course in Manchester (UK) has finished last Thursday.
> There is only 1 course - around the world - given in English in San
> Francisco later this year.
> Does anyone have suggestions on finding alternatives for this i.e. is this
> course given by IBM as well? Are there other companies who give such
> courses ? Can't I gain knowledge by self-study ? If so, where can I find
> the study material.
> Yours sincerely,
> Marc Van de Velde
> ICT-Manager
> Desco NV.

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